Quality Engineering in your IDE

QA and Test Automation that supports and enables what you do

A way of automating your feature specifications before you start coding


A Center of Great Service to deliver Executable Specifications for Continuous Integration

Creating SMART assets for the automation of quality assurance and testing in Continuous Build and Continuous Integration

Producing code that meets requirements the first time you code

The Development Challenge

How do you know when your code is good enough?

How do you build quality in?

Where do you find the time to build, maintain and fix code AND create reusable unit tests?

What we do

create the connections and artefacts that support your software delivery process

  • Enables orchestration of your CI Server with Executable Specs
  • Uses data from Testing the Story (Specification_by_Example process) for enriched unit tests that are integrated into your CI process.
  • Runs the right tests at the right time
  • Generates Integrated Unit Tests utilising Specification_by_Example
  • Creates and maintains your Small Manageable Automated Reusable Technical Asset library for DevTest
  • Develops guidelines for deeper technical tests ensuring CI Unit test coverage
  • Integrates into your IDE
  • Contributes to regression testing pack.

Tools we use

We start with what you have 


  • Integrated Developer Environment
  • Test Management Tool (such as Jira or HP Quality Center)
  • Client’s choice of Executable Specification generation – commercial or Open Source
  • Cucumber and Gherkin
  • Service Virtualization for external system messages and conversations
  • Using a client’s choice of unit test framework
    • Java
    • Ruby
    • C #



Deliverables and Artefacts



  • SMART DevTest Asset Library mapped to the features and/or stories of the application under test (AUT). 
  • Enriched unit tests that are integrated into your CI process to run the right tests at the right time
  • Test Data
  • Think of the SMART DevTest Asset Library as a library of enriched unit tests for Continuous Build and Continuous Integration.
    • Small
    • Manageable
    • Automated
    • Reusable
    • Techincal
    • delivering Living Documentation.

    WHY - the value we bring



    • Raising the quality with less effort
    • A Test Driven Development approach
    • Immediate test coverage of new features
    • Early test coverage of high-risk development areas
    • A higher Return On Investment on automation
    • Reduced maintenance of tests for CI and CB
    • Shorter feedback loops for increased Developer efficiency and effectiveness 
    • Living documentation – made up of code and specification – keeps the knowledge of software asset in a tangible form (codified knowledge).

    Let's collaborate on creating executable specifications