A single interface for all your automation types

Automation reuse and promotion

The simplified integration of automation assets

A Center of Great Service for measuring success

Your navigation system for successful delivery of features with DevOps, Lean and Agile

Guiding you to produce the right code for the right feature

The Development Challenge

Automation is complex, silo’ed and not leveraged across the SDLC, teams and applications

The problem of scaling automation

Too much is done manually resulting in delays and errors

Automation usage lacks traceability, auditability and maintainabilty


What we do

We create the connections and artefacts that support your software delivery process

  • Identify the content and build checklists
  • Provide a structured and repeatable way of obtaining automation scripts from a variety of sources
  • Enable these scripts to be packaged and effectively utilised
  • Support tool configuration for execution

Tools we use

We start with what you have 

  • An automation unification framework that allows you to promote, manage, navigate and easily invoke all your IT orchestration elements
  • A web portal that sits upon/across all your current automation methods.
  • Whether you are using Ant, Maven, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Selenium, QTP, OpenStack, AWS or popular scripting languages like Perl & Ruby.

Visual Orchestrate: An Enov8 tool supplied under license by Mtom.


Deliverables and Artefacts



  • A unified Automation Framework with a Web Portal
  • A single interface for all your automation types
  • Simplified Automation Integration

WHY - the value we bring



  • Automation reuse and promotion
  • An ability to scale
  • Ensures non-production environments are utilised efficiently
  • Provides a single object of Code, Test, UAT, Production
  • Provides an umbrella for automation
  • Automation is thus understood and publicised
  • Promotes the use and implementation of automation across teams
  • Is easily levered by other tools
  • Improves Dev/Test productivity
  • Reduces data-related defects
  • Provides and ensures Lean DevOps Governance
  • Delivers measurable cost reduction in infrastructure for Test Data (Opex and Capex)

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