Welcome to our Kitchen

This is an early tour and the finishing touches are WIP

Where we explore our recipes for Mastery with Lean, Agile and DevOps

Taking you from the madness of testing at the end, to building quality in

PSP Quick Start

The quick start is designed as a set of recipes for you to explore.

Each recipe stands on it’s own and can be used in conjunction with others.

(Just like a sprint in Agile).

a moment of reflection of yourself,

your past work

thoughts on the future

Who am I in brief

a little self reflection

(and we find out who you are)

time: 10 minutes

A look back at my work life

your achievements at work

time: 20 minutes

Some goal setting

thoughts on what you would like to achieve

time: 20 – 30 minutes

Making choices

The success of achievement involves the choices you make

time: 20 minutes

Plans to actions

motivation and actions result in success

time: 20 minutes

My skills and knowledge

what do I need to develop for the new

time 15 minutes

Where do I get help to achieve this goal faster

A mentor who can act as a sounding board or open doors within established networks A technical guru A “Buddy” or trusted colleague to keep you focused and on track Authors; TED Talks and

My progress

What is working well (my accomplishments) What do I need to change or improve Importance

A personal deep dive

finding the answers to the circles in the Ikigai is a daunting task. We have designed a questionnaire to help you

My work life

how did you do in 2017? rethinking your performance appraisal in a new and exciting way

The highs and sighs of my work life

The title comes from asking “are you excited by your new project” The answer was a SIGH this is both a daunting and invigorating exercise

Goal setting for the new era in IT

what do I need to achieve my goal

A ladder for my success

the spreadsheet – “A ladder for my success”

Grow model

the grow model template


Finding your purpose What you are good; What you love; What the world needs; What you can get paid for

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