Enabling people for success

in Lean, Agile & DevOps

People being the lever for quality software that delights customers

People enjoying delivering

People enabling delivery

People having quality software delivered

Business imperatives for Digital Disruption

We encapsulate the challenges and obstacles to success in software delivery in 2 triangles

It is about building the product right to satisfy the iron triangle

It is about building the right product to satisfy customers repeatedly

Our story

Is about providing the fulcrum to enable people to easily overcome the challenges and obstacles to success in delivering delightful quality software

Elements of the Fulcrum

Developed from 30 years of competency development and human performance improvement for Software Delivery in South African Blue Chip Institutions


We define the what and how of the required culture change as new work practices that are adopted.

DevQA processes – these are the quality interventions defined for a feature team.

The Quality Interventions being the Lean, Agile and DevOps processes that deliver the desired outcomes.

Fitted into the feature team’s work practices for the delivery of software.


Creating a productive workplace in which change takes place.

It incorporates:-

  • Delivery infrastructure (Development, Test and Pre-prod)
  • Project management
  • Release management
  • Communication channels
  • Value measures (incorporating performance appraisals).


What is the world in which software delivery must take place?

We look at:-

  • Business imperatives – what customers want now
  • Vision
  • Leadership
  • Strategy.

We align the Work and the Workplace to the World, such that people can deliver good software that delights customers.

An outstanding company.I have learned a lot both from Mtom and Chris in my short period.
Rated the Expectation Session very highly and quite unique – a great learning experience.


Test practioner, Mtom

In answering the question “What have you enjoyed about working at Mtom
The MtoM culture of learning and knowledge sharing.
• Having a direct line to the MD, which is unusual in business today.
• MtoM always felt like a close-knit community.

Employee 2

Delivery Manager, Mtom

Wow I wish my company had this approach

Attendee at Better Software, Las Vegas

Mtom's presentation on the Four Dimensions of Performance Improvement

From Performance Appraisals to Personal Success Plans

Is there value in Performance Appraisals? Our approach has delivered an unequivocal YES. This is a story of the evolution of our performance appraisals. By addressing the Why, How and What of performance management we are able to deliver on the culture change with DevOps, Agile and Lean.