Welcome to our Kitchen for Ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese concept and a recipe for happiness in your workplace.

Where we explore our recipes to find your Ikigai

Finding a reason to get up in the morning and look forward to a day in the office

A personal deep dive

finding the answers to the circles in the Ikigai is a daunting task. We have designed a questionnaire to help you

My work life

how did you do in 2017? rethinking your performance appraisal in a new and exciting way

The highs and sighs of my work life

The title comes from asking “are you excited by your new project” The answer was a SIGH this is both a daunting and invigorating exercise

Goal setting for the new era in IT

what do I need to achieve my goal

A ladder for my success

the spreadsheet – “A ladder for my success”

Grow model

the grow model template


Finding your purpose What you are good at;

What you love;

What the world needs;

What you can get paid for

Where do I get help to achieve this goal faster

A mentor who can act as a sounding board or open doors within established networks

A technical guru, a “Buddy” or trusted colleague

to keep you focused and on track

Authors, TED Talks and Blogs

My progress

What is working well (my accomplishments)

What do I need to change or improve

How important is this to me


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