Removing the need for up-stream and downstream systems availability when conducting testing in the development and QA space

A Center of Great Service for service virtualization

Delivering test scenarios that improve the quality of code

Delivering test data that improves the quality of code

The Development Challenge

How to interact and test with systems and components that you do not own or are in-flight

How to create scenarios of failure with external systems of components

How to code and test in Environments that are shared by many projects

What we do

We create the connections and artefacts that support your software delivery process

  • Integrate virtualization into you IDE and CI Server
  • Use virtualization to enable advanced Agile testing e.g. Exploratory, Session Based and Interface Testing
  • Support and formalise peer reviews
  • Create a library of scenarios that simulate the behaviour of applications that integrate with the code under development
  • Provide Test Data Management for Virtualization support
  • Create, maintain and execute virtualization test artefacts for successful continuous integration and continuous build
  • Documentation of client Network and Architecture related to the application under test
  • Create, maintain and execute virtualization test artefacts in accordance with a testing heuristic designed for message flow and integration.

Tools we use

We start with what you have

  • Service Virtualisation and Testing Toolsets examples include:
    • IBM Greenhat
    • CA Lisa
    • Parasoft SOA Test
    • HP Service Virtualization
    • Mtom’s Service Test Enablement Platform (STEP™)
  • Test Management Tools – example is HP Quality Center

Deliverables and Artefacts



  • SMART Asset Library for DevTest mapped to Application Under Test features and/or stories
  • CIT Test Asset Library
  • CIT Closure report
  • Risks Assessment i.e. prioritised according to specified user and business needs
  • CIT Dev/Test Feedback loops
  • Component Integration Certificates
  • CIT Checklists

Think of the SMART DevTest Asset Library as a library of enriched unit tests for API Testing.

  • Small
  • Manageable
  • Automated
  • Reusable
  • Techincal
  • delivering Living Documentation

WHY - the value we bring



  • By implementing a testing heuristics and approach specifically for the message flow between systems we improve the quality of the testing and reduce the quantity
  • In providing shorter and instant feedback on the quality of code at the time of development we improve the accuracy of delivery and reduce test cycles at the end of delivery
  • Improved test data management creates efficiency and effectiveness
  • A library of Small Manageable Automated Reusable and Technical tests provides a higher return on the investment in automation
  • The technique of Specification By Example models the behaviour of the software and thus provides for codified knowledge of the system.

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