Enable Developers to increase their productivity and focus on producing quality code and innovative solutions

A Center of Great Service for measuring success

The value of your automation is directly linked to the results it enables. Unit testing is both a craft and science

A SMART asset is one that is Small, Manageable, Accessible, Reusable and Technical

The Development Challenge

How to ensure that the software product (code) does what business intended it to do?

Prevent code rot and ensuring code is refactorable

Developers do not have the time nor inclination to create, maintain and execute Unit test packs

Functional Testers do not have the technical skills to deliver effectively to Development

Achieving Continuous Build and Continuous Integration requires continuous effort

What we do

We create the connections and artefacts that support your software delivery process

  • Support the Developers with ready to run relevant Unit tests
  • Lead to the creation and maintenance of deeper technical tests
  • Enables the creation and maintenance of a Unit Test Asset Library
  • Decrease the technical debt associated with unit test code coverage.

Tools we use

We start with what you have 

  • Integrated Developer Environment
  • Test Management Tool (such as HP Quality Center)
  • Test automation tools for a Test Driven Development approach including ATDD and Behaviour Driven Development (e.g Cucumber/Zucchini)
  • JUnit / NUnit
  • Specifications by Example (SbE).

Deliverables and Artefacts

  • Unit Tests that produce:
    • Ready to run tests with data
    • An enriched Unit Test Asset Library
  • Code Quality Certificates indicating technical debt and code coverage.


WHY - the value we bring

  • Measurable improvement of the productivity of the Developers
  • Improvement in quality of code
  • Improved focus on the task of coding
  • Shorter feedback loops that result in effectiveness and efficiency in code creation
  • Specialised Unit Testers providing:
    • Better quality Unit Tests
    • Reusability of DevTest assets
    • A testing mindset applied to code early in the SDLC
  • Enables effective Continuous Integration
  • Enhances test quality and test coverage in the Development space.

Let's talk about "Shifting Left" with SMART Quality Assets