The right information, at the appropriate level, at the right time

Implementation of code quality measurements and actions

Guiding you to produce the right code for the right feature


A Center of Great Service for measuring success

Your navigation system for successful delivery of features with DevOps, Lean and Agile

Enabling you to manage behaviours for the desired outcomes

The Development Challenge

How do you know when your code is good enough?

How do you build quality in?

Are you continually improving?

Bottlenecks in efficiency and productivity are difficult to identify


What we do

We create the connections and artefacts that support your software delivery process

    • Issue Quality Certificates at quality intervention points of your software delivery pipeline. A Quality Certificate is an assessment of meeting user defined quality criteria
    • Gather the appropriate information for all Quality Certificates
    • Analyse data from multiple sources e.g. checklists, logs etc.
    • Convert data to relevant information within context by using the 7 Axes of Code Quality
    • Enable and facilitate change across people, process and scripts
    • Provide shorter feedback loops
    • Provide contextual code quality guidelines to enable building quality into your software product (shift left)
    • Find out
      • What code makes up technical debt
      • Where this debt occurs
      • How to fix it

    Tools we use

    We start with what you have


    • Quality Management Platform
      • SonarQube – a platform for continous code quality –
      • Kiuwan a software analytics tool provided by Mtom –
    • Checklists
    • Quality Certificates that indicate the extent to which user-defined criteria are met. A Quality Certificate is a tool for making decisions and not a quality gate 
    • Continuous Integration tool (Hudson)
    • Build automation tool (Maven)

    Deliverables and Artefacts



    • The Software Engineering Quality Dashboard includes the following Certificates:
      • Solution Certificate
      • Code Quality Certificate
    • Component Certification
    • Formalised reporting mechanisms
    • Customer defined quality criteria
    • Customer defined completion criteria.

    WHY - the value we bring



      • A platform for continuous improvement
      • Risk assessments based on customer predefined criteria for projects and operations
      • Timeous informed decision making by:
        • Providing the right information at the right time
        • Ensuring that there are no surprises towards the end of the Release
      • A platform for calls to action and the related governance of your software delivery
      • Alignment in accordance with internationally recognised Best Practice
      • Quantifiable savings in hours and money 

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