The right information, at the appropriate level, at the right time

Implementation of code quality measurements and actions

Guiding you to produce the right code for the right feature

A Center of Great Service for measuring success

Your action system for successful delivery of features with DevOps, Lean and Agile

Constitute, convene and manage a Software Engineering Quality Forum (SEQF) that derives actionable insights from your metrics and measurements

The Development Challenge

Bottlenecks in efficiency and productivity are difficult to identify

Are you continually improving?

What behaviours are you enabling?

Do you have malicious compliance?

What we do

We create the connections and artefacts that support your software delivery process

  • Create a matrix linking behaviours to metrics
  • Set goals and establish desired outcomes
  • Decide the direction and structure
  • Provide peer review disciplines and mechanisms
  • Enable and facilitate change across people, process and scripts
  • Revise and adjust metrics and measurements to produce the desired outcomes
  • Provide contextual code quality guidelines for building quality in
  • Manage and maximise Human Performance.

Tools we use

We start with what you have

  • Software Engineering Quality Dashboard
  • Forum structure and process that results in actionable insights.

Deliverables and Artefacts

  • Provide a platform for doing continuous improvement
  • Platform for a call to action and the associated governance thereof.

WHY - the value we bring

  • Enables understanding that results in actions
  • Right information at the right time
  • No surprises arising in the latter stages of your software delivery
  • Activities that result in change in behaviour
  • Activities that support your objectives and goals
  • A means to manage what is seen as unmanageable.

Doing nothing to change the behaviour is not the path to success

Share knowledge and make the change - Let's talk.

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