Poor test data results in significant waste in time and quality

There is a strong coupling between quality of code and quality of test data


A Center of Great Service for measuring success

Each phase in your Software Delivery Pipeline has different data requirements

One size dataset does not fit all requirements

The Development Challenge

Finding fit for purpose data is time consuming and difficult

Significant technical skill and knowledge is required to create and manage data

A smooth running CI server needs access to good data

Using the same data sets causes contention and false errors

What we do

We create the connections and artefacts that support your software delivery process

  • Formulate and implement a Test Data Management strategy across your SDLC – from Development to UAT
  • Configure the tools you have for successful Test Data Management
  • Automate Test Data Management processes
  • Enable and facilitate change across people, process and scripts
  • Use the information tracked to improve data quality for the purpose of Testing and Development.

Tools we use

We start with what you have

  • Agile database migration framework/Tool (Flyway DB )
  • DataView (Mining, Masking and Managing tool): An Enov8Product supplied by MtoM
  • CA Go Tools
  • Any data extract tool.

Deliverables and Artefacts



  • Automation
  • Scripts to enable:
    • versioning up of Db structure and data,
    • setup, and
    • teardown of data
  • Client specific TDM process documentation
  • Configuration of data
  • Data in support of your CI server automation

WHY - the value we bring



  • Delivers repeatable and traceable Database environment change control procedures
  • Reduces the number of bugs and false positives caused by data
  • Reduces environment setup for Dev & Test
  • People’s productivity is increased as less time is being spent on sourcing or creating data
  • Increases effectiveness of test automation by having defined data setup for the automated test packs
  • Delivers codified knowledge which in turn is a lever for resource productivity, retention, continuity and handover

Not to change is to accept being less effective

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