Moving from the madness of testing at the end to the Zen of building quality in.


Helping you to a better work-life with recipes from Lean, Agile, DevOps and Human Performance Technology.


what is in it for you

When I asked my employees what they wanted in a job, 3 things stood out –

Growth in skills and professionalism

Unlock opportunities in career and learning

Work in a great team.

empower you to embrace the new

Collaborate and work with people who have the knowledge and experience of developing and testing software for financial transaction processing systems using Agile, DevOps and Lean.

work-life balance

Chasing code delivery dates is not fun

Focus on what matters

Going beyond the pay to job satisfaction.

recognised for the value you bring

Delivery on Lean, Agile & DevOps

Have a sense of achievement.

Are you someone enabling the delivery of quality software?

what is in it for you

make a difference

be more successful with others

be part of a broader community of enablement

empower people to embrace the new

it is about working with people who have a desire to learn and improve. You make a difference in their lives and careers

mentor to mastery

classroom training has a very low return on effort, for both teacher and student. Our Mentor to Mastery platform provides direction and creates understanding.

grow your influence and business

reach new markets

grow exponentially

Are you someone requiring the delivery of quality software?

what's in it for you





know where you going

how to get there

reduce the risks in your journey

deliver features that delight customers

in an effective and efficient manner




hit the ground running eliminate waste

teams change

onboard to project

fast track to delivery


feedback Loops

pay for shared outcomes not the hour

enable self-managing feature teams

manage for achievement of shared outcomes

only manage unavoidable risks

having a Service Level Agreement that is governable, measurable and agile